After wild partying and lots of drinking

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Every guy knows that to hook-up with a girl you hardly know, you've got to have a wing-man. Plain and simple, chicks don't leave each other alone when they're getting drunk. But this amateur video has all the elements to prove it's possible. After wild partying and lots of drinking, these two hot babes get persuaded into playing some nude poker. As the girls continue to lose at hands, the clothes comes off, but the wing-man does a great job at pushing it even further. Once he gets the hot brunette chick to blow him, it's just a matter of time before the blondie is jumping on his friends bone. And the whole thing is caught on tape. The couples have sex while the crowd cheers them on, and both girls get hot shots to the face by film's end. Hey, that is true friendship on both parts. It's all about the caring and sharing of hot jizz to the face in this video.