VivThomas: Sexpresso Scene 1 With Aiko Bell And Tracy Lindsay on PornyWet

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At first Tracy is clearly the dominant one, pulling Aiko’s dress down so she can suck and bite her perky nipples. She’s a skilful lover, and by the time she’s rubbing her fingers against those pristine white panties, Aiko is putty in her hands. Tracy handles her roughly, spanking her bum and taking obvious delight from making her girlfriend gasp with arousal. Aiko looks absolutely gorgeous, spreadeagled over the kitchen counter as Tracy eats her from behind. Aiko’s whole body is soon wracked with spasms of ecstasy, and Tracy doesn’t let up her onslaught with fingers and tongue until she has wrung out every last drop of pleasure. Tracy deserves her own orgasm now, and sits astride Aiko’s pretty face to enjoy some luscious tongue work that has her bucking and writhing as the powerful sensations course through her body. As the scene builds to a juicy climax, there’s no doubt that Aiko Bell and Tracy Lindsay are the perfect couple to start this stunning movie with a bang!